Friday, 15 October 2010


The weather has been cold and grey for the past couple of days.  The older furbies haven't stirred very far from the warmth of the house.  The kitties go wild and then suddenly collapse all in a heap, this time with mum, all cosied up together on top of the clean towels.......sigh ;) She finally left them to it and curled up on the sofa for a little peace and quiet.
The wallhanging at the top of the post is a past creation of mine whilst the Christmas themed scrapbook page is a triumph over disaster.   Sometime last year, I started creating the page from an old Christmas card sent to me by my favourite auntie who sadly passed away earlier this year. During a moment of distraction or some such thing I accidentally glued two pages together with this sandwiched in between.  I was so upset and it has bugged me ever since.
Yesterday I decided to while away a few minutes by browsing through my scrapbook and noticed that it just might be possible to ease the pages apart.  I risked ruining three pages in total but decided to go for it anyway.  Luckily I salvaged the page and managed not to damage the other two either. So far, so good. I had to do a lot of work to put it right but I finished it today.  I am so thrilled:))
Oh yes, the lady behind the welcoming door is moi.  Every girl is entitled to play Queen for a day don't you agree?
Why did I decide to share this little story?......because where there's a will there's ALWAYS a way.
Until next time, I'm off to put the kettle on.
Anyone care to join me?
Sandi x


Sharon said...

Oh yes, I will join you Sandi ~ I do love my cups of tea, especially if shared with such good company as you, sweetie :-)

I loved the top wallhanging in your post as soon as I saw it first posted on Flickr. I have a fair few Victorian and Edwardian photos that I've collected and they are on my list of 'things to do' to make some pretty little things with them!

I love your scrapbook page too ~ a magnificent triumph of creativity over would-be disaster if ever I saw one :-)

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Sandi~ I enjoyed my visit to your new blog. The kitties are so sweeet! They really melt my heart. Thanks for stopping by to visit me!! ~Mandy ~Happy Fall~

Bonnie said...

Kitties in a basket. I love it!

Sandi said...

You're very welcome Sharon and thanks for stopping by:)
Thanks Mandy - Happy Fall to you too sweetie!
Thanks Bonnie - it would seem that they have adopted the larger basket as they take up more space now they have grown so much:)


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