Thursday, 29 September 2011


Bonnie said...

Hi Sandi, I'm so sorry to have been MIA! You take the most wonderful photographs but I'm curious as to what kind of a "nut" that is AND do you think you could make me a Christmas pudding?

Hope you are well, Bonnie

Sandi said...

Hi Bonnie,
The nut is actually a horse chestnut or more commonly known as a conker. Sadly it is not the edible version, that comes from the sweet chestnut which is a Christmas treat roasted on a fire if you're still lucky enough to have a real fire these days.
As for the pudding I still haven't got round to buying the rest of the ingredients I need yet. Ah well, such good intentions to get a head start but there's still plenty of time left thank goodness:)
I'm well sweetie, trust that you are too xx


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