Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The brooch got it's first outing today. I like it on the lapel of this jacket. I love all kinds of brooches and have quite a few but my most precious is a lovely old cameo set in a gold mount. My husband bought it as a surprise birthday gift a few years ago. For some reason I had wanted a cameo brooch since I was a young girl and when he gave it to me I was thrilled to finally own one. I hadn't even dropped any hints either;)) I think our wishes can come true but sometimes it takes a little while for them to be granted.


Sharon said...

It looks so lovely against the purple jacket :-)

I love brooches too and have a little collection which I keep pinned to a cushion on my bed. I ought to wear them really but never seem to think to do so!

Sandi said...

Thanks sweetie,
I used to have mine pinned to a cushion but ran out of space. I do tend to pin most of mine onto jackets, somehow a lapel feels naked without a little something decorative:))


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