Sunday, 21 August 2011

Evening light

After our evening meal I sit and admire the beautiful shadows dancing around the room. I wander outside and sit on the back doorstep and Clarence appears as if by magic from wherever he has been. He stops for a fuss, stretches and continues with his own contemplation of the garden. I peer up at the sky, at the never ending movement of clouds. I glance down at the clump of parsley which two days ago my baby grandson was touching for the very first time. I picked a tiny sprig for him to hold and feel. His toes were tickled where they dangled over some seed heads.  Such fleeting moments are what memories are made of, precious, priceless little nuggets to store and look back upon. It's a Sunday evening moment, quiet, peaceful, just as it should be.


Bonnie said...

It sounds like the perfect Sunday and what a beautiful sky. Pls give Clarence a little squeeze for me!

xo, Bonnie

Sandi said...

I try and make the best of my life Bonnie although of course it is far from perfect. I shall give Clarence a hug from you xxx


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