Monday, 8 August 2011

Up the lane - part 1

Already there are signs of autumn. Scarlet berries add bright splashes of colour to the tired greens of the grasses and leaves. Even though I always feel a sense of sadness at this time of year I do love the rich hues that this transitional time brings. It always surprises me how quickly summer is over and I wonder as I do every year where did the time go to. It seems to fly by ever faster with each passing year. Or perhaps that's just me being fanciful. Anyway, today we had a wonderful walk, refreshing to both mind, body and spirit.


Bonnie said...

So funny you should mention your thoughts on time today. I was just thinking summer will be over soon and fall and winter will be upon us. I too find that time flies a lot faster these days and I am not one that loves cold weather.

Look forward to part 2 of your journey up the lane.

xo, Bonnie

Sandi said...

Thanks sweetie,
I think with each passing year, that year is a smaller and smaller proportion of our life if that makes sense. A year to a one year old is their whole life. A year to a fifty four year old (me) is just a fifty fourth portion of my life. Maybe that's why time seems to go so much faster. Anyway, I'm not alone in this judging by your comment. Lets go for part two of the walk now:))


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