Monday, 22 August 2011

Time flies

Yesterday was the first birthday of the kittens. My goodness where did that year go to? I still have three of the litter of four, the little stripey tiger lives just up the road with a friend of my daughter's. Enjoying some relaxation on the sofa are Clarence (the kittens uncle) and Boo the black and white one. The other three are dotted around the house and garden. I love my cats and of course my beautiful Dante and I love home made quiche for tea:))


Psychedelicsister said...

Sandi you are soooooooo lucky to have been able to keep some of the litter. Isn't it weird how fast a year goes by? I remember visiting Meena when she was barely 4 weeks old at the breeders house and now she's 2. She was such a tiny little nugget, lol... hope you spoiled all your cats on this special day. :)

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday kitties! I love quiche but am rather lazy about making the crust so I usually get the frozen kind! What do you like to put in your quiche?


Sandi said...

Hi Michelle,
I am so pleased I got to keep them but this year has really flown by. Your Meena is absolutely divine and I think I spoil the cats every day or at least I hope they think so:))
Hi Bonnie,
Before I became a vegetarian (of sorts I still eat chicken now and then) I loved quiche Lorraine which is essentially bacon and egg but now I tend to stick to any veggie I happen to have around plus a tasty cheese. I used onion and green pepper in this one:)


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