Monday, 15 August 2011

The simple life

For me the simple life is the good life. It's almost three years since I gave up eating red meat. I aren't a vegetarian as I still occasionally eat chicken. Yesterday I made a tasty cauliflower cheese. I also made shortbread to go with strawberries and cream. Good wholesome food is important to me and I find that I don't miss all those meat dishes at all. I feel so much better for it too. Another elixir for my mind is getting out in the garden among nature whenever possible, having animals around the house, numerous pots of tea and some easy reading borrowed from the library. Simple but perfect:))


Bonnie said...

Looks like the sun is out! I just made shortbread last week. I used Martha Stewart's no fail recipe and it was great.

xo, Bonnie

Psychedelicsister said...

looks divine.

Sandi said...

I love home made shortbread Bonnie:)
Thanks Michelle:)xx


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