Saturday, 27 August 2011


Stormy weather brings some much needed rain. I love a good old storm as long as I'm not outside getting drenched. I love my home too. I've noticed on my wanderings around the internet how lots of really 'hip' people are embracing the looks of the 60's and 70's. I married in 1978, had a minimalist, modern first home and left all my 70's stuff from my teen years with my mum. I also threw lots of things out. It amuses me now to see that many things from the so called 'decade that taste forgot' are now bang on trend. It's a natural progression, every era has to be revisited and rediscovered but how I wish I had kept hold of at least some of those things. Ah well......such is life:))


Bonnie said...

I do love a good rain. Funny Sandi but we were just talking about fun things of the 70s and I remember how much I loved shag carpeting, esp. in avacado green or gold! I'm wondering now if you called it "shag" carpeting as I know that word has a different meaning in your part of the world!

Hope you are having a lovely day. Love the shot of your gate.

xo, Bonnie

Sandi said...

Hi Bonnie,
I smiled as I read your comment. Yes we did call it shag pile but I'm certain that if a younger person heard the term now it would produce a smirk or two;))I also remember that in our first home we paid extra money to have an avocado green bathroom suite installed as that was 'the' colour of the moment and of course 'old gold' anything was very trendy too.
Thanks as always for taking the time to leave me lovely comments. They are always much appreciated.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend too xx

Zaa said...

Hey Sandi ... Yes I love all those retro items from the past ..They bring back great nostalgic memories... However ..One time the museum asked if they could put some of my hippie" Flower Power" clothes in the display cabinet . It was a that point I knew I had tipped the scale of being an oldie goldie( ha Ha) ...I'm so glad that you came to visit me ... for a cup of " Grand Lady" tea....HUGS

Sandi said...

Hi Roslind,
My word, would that have been a compliment or an insult;)
Loved my visit with you x


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